New Mexico Land Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to common inquiries.

No. We will not ask you for any type of payment information and you will not be billed by us for any reason.

Yes. We will pay the unpaid taxes.  However, keep in mind that if the property is behind on taxes, there is a possibility the window to sell may be coming to an end because when the balance reaches a certain point, the state will reclaim the property.  Contact us to get started.

No. While we prefer land in New Mexico with paved roads and utilities in the street, we do buy rural land off dirt roads without utilities.

This is not uncommon. In most cases living owner will either need to provide death certificate for the deceased co-owner or legal documents that shows you as the current owner.

Yes. We pay the title company closing fee, government recording fees, owner’s insurance policy premium, sales tax, title commitment fee and e-recording fee.

No. We are not a listing service company and we will not charge you any fees. We are offering an arm’s length cash purchase for your land in New Mexico.

We may make an offer to purchase only one or all of the lots.

Don’t pay it. Once the transaction has closed, we are responsible for any future property tax bills. The county can take a few months to update the records, so this is why you received the notice.

The first step is to send us the legal description, parcel number or tax ID of the property. This will help us determine if the land meets the minimum criteria to receive a cash offer.

If you are the original owner, you only need a valid driver’s license or official ID when signing the closing documents in front of a notary. If you are a co-owner and the other owner is deceased, you will need that owner’s death certificate. If you inherited the land where one or both the previous owners are deceased, you will need both death certificates and any legal documents showing that’s you are the beneficiary to the land.

In most cases, the transaction can close in approximately two weeks. In some cases, it can extend to 3 to 4 weeks if documents are not readily available to be submitted to the title company.

No. If after an accepted offer you are unable to provide the title company with verification that you have the legal right to sell the property, the title company will be unable to close the transaction.

Generally, you can receive the funds by the next business day after closing.

No. With today’s technology, we can submit the documents to you via e-mail where you can electronically sign them, hassle free.

No. We will only propose an offer. You are not obligated to sell the land.

Initially, we will need the legal description, parcel number or property tax ID in order to find the lot. Then, we will need to know any existence of ownership documentation (e.g. trust paperwork, legal will, etc.). In some cases where an owner is deceased, the title company will request a death certificate.